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Thais Gonzalez: "Music is What Gets Me Through"


Thais Gonzalez is a woman of many talents, especially in the hip hop community she known for her stark, no- nonsense approach to work. In 2018, Thais made her first foray into music when she released her first single, “Took His Money,” and followed it with another hit single, “Heat,” which was released in late 2019. Both were produced by Parrish Smith of EPMD, hip hop legend and rapper. 

“Took his Money” became a very good hit single because it was played in clubs across America and became a very well-known and often requested song at radio stations, including Hot 97. 2020 was the peak of her popularity as she released yet another single, a remix of Felix Felgado’s single, “On My New York Sh*t.” Shas appeared in videos with stars like Rick Ross, Rae Sremmurd, among many others.

Her accelerated growth and popularity in the hip hop world and social media speak to her talents and paint a picture of the immense success that she is gearing towards. Thais is grateful that she is a multi-talented artist as this allows her to exercise her creativity and passion.

As for her future plans, Thais isn’t planning on slowing down anytime soon. She is determined to go full throttle ahead and break records, build and empire and empower many women and young girls through her work.

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  1. Oh yea!? i def gotta check her out. great article !!


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