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Scott King Drops Dope Freestyle Over Wu Tang Clan Classic "Triumph" Beat | @realScottKing


Scott King a name that derives from the combination of his maternal family surname and the concept that men should be kings, brings a message that is mostly missing from the industry today. He skips the braggadocio and forgoes the glorification of money, women, and drugs. With a sound and lyrical content reminiscent of the days of real hip-hop, Scott King’s rhymes focus on humility, dreams actualized, and perseverance.

When King presents his thoughts to the world, he wants his fans to know that he has something to talk about and that every experience that he puts in his music is apart of his life one.

King makes a fan out of anyone that listens to his music or anyone who has the opportunity to see his captivating live performance. He understands that “There are a million people going through what I’m going through and I want to share that with them,” and this spills over in his musical performance.


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