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Doller - "Money Song" | @Dollerofficial


Kicking off 2021 in style, North London rap heavyweight Doller has returned with the anthemic new single “Money Song”, a swaggering homage to his laser focus on stacking paper.

Lacing a brassy production from Chiveer & Meershu centred around gleaming melodies and sprinkled with trappy, trilled hi-hats, the Edmonton lyricist and Go Getters label founder utilises a plethora of money-making metaphors to underscore his motivational message. Rising to prominence as a prolific member of local grime crew Cold Blooded alongside the likes of Scorcher and Terminator, Doller hit the jackpot in the late noughties with the renowned street singles “Bounces Road” and “Canary” and has since collaborated with a whole host of rap and grime royalty including Ghetts, Tion Wayne, Sir Spyro and Capo Lee.

Known for his distinctive cadence and rapid-fire rhyme schemes, the decorated wordsmith has also recently branched out into singing, cementing his reputation as a veritable all-rounder with a string of vibrant offerings including the breezy “Kegels” and the R&B-leaning “Sometimes”. Picking up where they left off while simultaneously reminding listeners of his barring abilities, “Money Song” – out today– is a self-assured new addition to his ever-growing oeuvre.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the song, Doller explains: “The main essence of the song is the law of attraction of money, and how to use it smartly! I wanted to celebrate the struggle towards making money; a song you can sing on Monday morning or Friday night. The Burj Khalif reference is to represent stacking to the highest point in the world.” 

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