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Aspiring Afro-R&B Artist J.Cam.G Drops A Fire Hit Single | @JCamg_official


Rising Afro-R&B Artist, J.Cam.G has just released a hot, new single, Make Me Crazy. Afrobeat lovers are vibing with J.Cam.G on all music streaming platforms: Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Youtube, Amazon Music, etc.

Afro-R&B continues to be a major wave bringing you a mix of the bounce in Afrobeats and the smooth tones in R&B. J.Cam.G is a Malawian-American recording artist from Southwest Michigan who has developed his own unique style of the genre. His extraordinary style fuses Afrobeats, R&B, Hip-Hop, Gospel, and Acapella. He believes that music brings people from different backgrounds together, and he hopes to bring all people of African diaspora together through his platform.

Most people have experienced the emotional rollercoaster that follows when going through a break up. Make Me Crazy allows you to experience the aftermath in an upbeat tempo to lift listeners up while the lyrics dive deep into the scenario in order to portray this emotional ride. “So many nights that I prayed, but you don’t love me the same way. Girl, you play so many mind games, and I’m done playin’ the blame game.” Listen to Make Me Crazy by J.Cam.G on your preferred music streaming platform!



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