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MoLo Takes NYC with exclusive EP project Winter Solstice

 Many artists in today’s age become hot after one or two popular songs that catch the attention of social media and radio stations. Those are the kinds of artists that might only last in the music world for a summer or two. Most would call that being a one-hit-wonder, but that’s always left up to the discretion of each individual listener. On the other hand, you have artists who come in with back to back singles and projects that grant them indefinite relevance after consistent years of creativity and popularity. Thousands of teens and young adults dream to be that artist that people are listening to worldwide, even after they advance in life.

There is one upcoming artist out of Queens, New York by the name of MoLo who is beginning to make noise throughout the Rap bubble. He recently released his new project Winter Solstice on December 24th of 2020, which has done major numbers since it dropped. His catchy stage name ‘MoLo’ is the name his graffiti-interested, middle-school friend gave him after compounding his real name (Mohammed Diallo). Since he got that name, people all around started to gravitate towards his laidback personality and unique creativity in creating raps. His laid-back tone on beats started to result in viral attention from single uploads on SoundCloud. “A Lot” was one of the most streamed songs on streaming platforms towards the end of 2019, which gave MoLo a solid opportunity to give the world more of his valuable artistry now that everyone was watching. There is just something about his hip, outer-space compositions that hypnotize listeners every time.

One thing people don’t know about MoLo is that he just started rapping officially around 2018. He purchased studio equipment to make his dreams in music a reality, and people have been seeming to catch on quickly. He has already been featured in several magazines and has been in the conversation of major executives. Not to mention that he was featured on a billboard in Times Square NYC just days before Christmas 2020. Though he hasn’t been discussed on the level with other Hip-Hop artists like Drake, and A$AP Rocky, MoLo has shown that he has what it takes to change Rap as we know it. 

In just under three years of officially being a rapper, MoLo has achieved milestones that millions will never be able to reach. His team is making it to where he will be charting on Hip-Hop billboards within the next few months. His two-track EP project Winter Solstice gave an immaculate spin to things and opened up even more ears. He has been working closely with top New York engineers and producers including his go-to Playpm. This is just the start for this talented 25-year-old artist out of Queens who’s building a legacy for millions to come.

Stream Winter Solstice on ALL Streaming Platforms now and Follow MoLo on Instagram @Mobe8ryant

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