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"Welcome 2 Killa City II"(UnFinished Business)

 2 friends survived the initial Confrontation with Blacc Ceaser in KC....Decided to Flee to Miami as long as it takes for the heat to die down....But Fuccin with a SlimeBall like Cease....that's embedded with the like walking on a slippery slope....Especially when one of the heads of the Cartel becomes Involved....(Executive Producer: Mon EG, & David "K.O" Richards...Director of Photography: Shawn Riddle...Producer: Nik Numbers, Ayesha Nguyen, Lorenzo "ZO" Graham, & Eddy Polo...Editors: Eric Surratt, Duane Trower, & Mon EG...Director: Antwon Smith & Mon EG...Movie Scores: Boogieman & Midrange Music....) S.B.F.(Square Business Films)...Starring: Philly Freeway, Mon EG, and Actor Glenn Plummer aka O.G. Bobby Johnson.

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