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The Top Urban Prison Authors Of All Time!

The Top Urban Prison Authors Of All Time!

All across America there are millions of incarcerated men and woman. Most of them are people of color, from some of the worst ghettos in the U.S. Cities like New York, Philly, Detroit, Chicago, L.A and so many more. 

While most inmates are lifting weights, playing cards and reading books to past their time, there are those inmates that block out the entire world, grab a pen and pad, and push out some of the greatest urban tales ever written. 

Their stories have impacted the hip-hop culture and changed an entire generation. 

#1. DONALD GOINES ( Black Girl LOST )
#2. SHANNON HOLMES ( B-More Careful)
#3. K'wan ( Gangsta)
#4. Wahida Clark ( Thugs and the woman who love them)
#5. JIMMY DASAINT ( Black Scarface)
#6. Kwame Teague ( Dutch)
#7. Kiki Swinson ( Mad Shambles)
#8. Vickie M. Stringer ( Let that be the reason)
#9. J.M Benjamin ( Ride or die chick)
#10. JIHAD ( Preacherman Blues)
#11. Antoine ' Inch' Thomas ( Flowers Bed)
#12. Clifford 'Spud' Johnson ( Kalifornia Luv)

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