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"I'm ready to create as much as I can, going into 2021," said Alpha Koroma Jr; owner and founder of Out The Mud/ OTM HoodRock marketing and management company, as he shared some mental gems about his vision for the remainder of 2020.

"To me, there isn't a better time than now," Koroma told us, as he spoke about taking advantage of opportunities to create content with a message behind it. "I started out working as a gaffer with my good friend, and now business partner, Daniel Boulos. "Boulos owns" The New Jersey Filmmakers Collaboration” and "All Love Productions." 

"I was assistant director for artist Kiddubaii’s Video, "BLACK." That video has a powerful message, at a time where I know it's needed. World Star Hip Hop agreed, as they ran the video on their platform."

How is the rest of 2020 looking? "I’m ready to create as much as I can, going into 2021. Content, partnerships, collaborations, and most importantly… REVENUE!"

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