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LPB Poody & 42 Dugg - "Connected" Video

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Born in Carver Shores, just west of Orlando, Florida, LPB Poody’s childhood was a far cry from a Disney World adventure, but his family made the best of it. “I didn’t grow up in poverty or nothing like that,” Poody says. “I have both of my parents, so I had a lot of guidance in my life.” The streets eventually called Poody, so much so that the LPB in his name stands for “Light Pole Baby,” marking himself as an illuminating street fixture. Hip-hop was also a driving force at a young age. Starting as a very young DJ, Poody eventually started writing rhymes at about ten years old. In middle school he would take part in talent shows and freestyle battles, writing songs and even recording his first one on his cellphone. “It was trash,” he says with a laugh.

Songs like “Wonderman,” “No Lol’Z” and “Fresh Out Da Dentist” moved the needle, but it was “Kill the Beat” that broke through—the video amassing over two million on YouTube alone. Other tracks like “Steppas” fanned those flames, and it wasn’t long before Poody was moving up the ranks as one of rap’s most promising young stars. “I recorded the whole time I was on house arrest, like 2-3 songs a day,” he says. “I couldn’t go anywhere else but the studio. I had my daughter around that time too.” The music fueled him. “When I was on house arrest, I was getting depressed a lot. Music was the only thing that kept me going.”

While still finding some time to celebrate his wins, Poody is also putting together his next mixtape, a project he promises will be more diverse than anything he’s released. “I’ve got a variety of new music coming,” he adds. “I’m working on my vocals, singing and stuff. I like trying new things.”

LPB Pood’y’s “Connected” featuring 42 Dugg

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