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Smoke Boys - "Spill" Video | @SmokeBoys_

Smoke Boys, previously known as Section Boyz are back with their first song of 2020, Spill. The track starts off with a haunting, melodious beat before hitting us with firm bass. This jumpy melody guides us throughout the entire song keeping the flow consistent. The South London rap collective hit with us with their lyrical, straight-talking, no-nonsense bars, upholding their stature within the industry.

The video shot by Kaylum Dennis shows a simple but powerful setting, allowing the focus to take president on each of the individual rappers, with flashes of strobe lighting flattering the bouncy rhythm. 

Previous Smoke Boys hits include Lock ArffTrapping Ain’t Dead and their Mad About Bars freestyle with Kenny Allstar showcasing their success , fanbase and popularity amongst their peers leading onto a variety of remixes featuring Steff London and grime legend Skepta. In 2016, their show in Shoreditch was also graced by a surprise appearance by well-known rapper Drake and Skepta. 

This will not be the last we hear from Smoke Boys, Spill has given fans a taster of what else is in store for 2020. 

Smoke Boys – Spill [Download/Stream]

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