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Duece Flame Launches #BlackTeeChallenge with $250 Prize

Duece Flame Launches #BlackTeeChallenge With $250 Grand Prize
Buy/Stream “Headspace” HERE

Just one month after the release of his album “Headspace”, Duece Flame is keeping the momentum going by launching the #BlackTeeChallenge to pair with the single “Black Tee”. Duece Flame is calling on all artists across the globe to enter this contest in the chance of winning the $250 grand prize. Entering the contest is easy.

·         Participants must be following @dueceflame@flamedaddyy, and @comeupcity on Instagram

·         Download the beat

·         Record yourself being creative and having fun (rapping, singing, dancing, etc.) with the instrumental and post to your Instagram account using #BlackTeeChallenge and tagging @dueceflame

The contest will end on March 6th and the winner will be chosen the following Monday. The winner will receive a grand prize of $250 plus exclusive “Black Tee” merch.
Headspace is available to stream and buy across all platforms HERE.

About Duece Flame:

Duece Flame is an independent artist from Houston, TX. He has been making music since he was a child and has never stopped working on his dream of making it as a rapper. In the summer of 2018, he left Houston and moved to Los Angeles to pursue his music career. Since being in this new city, he has grown his fanbase, created merchandise, sold out his album release party and has now released an album that saw over 1,300 Spotify streams in the first day alone and has gained more streams than his entire 2019 Spotify year alone. He writes, produces, and engineers all of his music which gives full creative control and expression. Duece Flame is making a name for himself and only plans on getting bigger and better.

Connect with Duece Flame

INSTAGRAM: @dueceflame

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