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Dashius Clay - "One Big Blur" Album | @DashiusClay

It's been over a year since the release of "Bitches Love Space". While Dashius Clay spoke on his legal controversies in 2019 that were slowing down his long awaited #RED album, Dashius vowed to not let that stop him from releasing music for his loyal #PLTNM and #Dashaholiks family. Not one to ever disappoint, February 2020 brings us to fulfillment in full Red Baron fashion. One Big Blur takes off right where #BLS left us and beyond.

With singles like "100 Dollars", "Good Repore", and "Not In Love", the Red Baron demonstrates with superb ease why he is considered not only one of the hardest working, but most diverse artists of our generation.

 Stream the entire "One Big Blur" album:

 Social Media: @DashiusClay

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