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Leeb Godchild - "No Olympics" | @LeebGodchild

Leeb GodchildSpits FIRE On Impassioned New Single


Leeb Godchild has been bringing the heat time and time again with his latest releases, a string of emotionally-charged singles dropped almost every week this summer. On his newest single "No Olympics," it's clear that his pen and voice won't slow down as he stakes his claim for the gold: Flipping that shit, I'm no gymnast/ It's not no Olympics, but my ni**as fast/ Please just don't do nothing rash/ That sh*t'll turn you to ash...

Over melodic flutes and a minimalist banging bass line, the baller-turned-rapper flows with a passion reminiscent of Lil Baby & Gunna about his fighting spirit and drive to win. Leeb Godchild may have left his athlete life behind for rap, but he's bringing that same competitive fire to his music on "No Olympics."

As he prepares to deliver his second round of releases to the world after cementing his talent on freshman project Chasing DeadLeeb Godchild has a sound hot enough keep the rap game burning bright as summer comes to a close. Peep the "No Olympics" track above and keep up with the young legend-in-the-making here @leebgodchild 

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