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Young Profit - Energy

Charlotte, North Carolina artist Young Profit releases his brand new single, “Energy”. Produced by 5ickness of the legendary Def Squad, the 17 year old Young Profit delivers a musical showcase fused with witty lyrics and punchlines that place him beyond his years. On “Energy” Young Profit melodically raps about being around a someone whose demeanor seems off, and not receiving the pure, loving and supportive energy he’s expecting, a message that most can relate to. Profit lets us know that he doesn’t have time for that. In addition to his wittiness, Young Profit implements impressive vocabulary in the single, a display of his personal and artistic maturity. “Energy” is the official follow-up single to his previous well received trendy single, “Drip On Me”, which earned him over 330k streams and radio play on over 12 different radio stations across the USA. This time around for “Energy”, he’s aiming to show and prove how diversely talented he is! Profit is a young talent that will change the face of the next generation of hip hop. The new single is now available on all streaming platforms!

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