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Philly Music Team Is The Talk Of New York HBO Urban World Film Festival


In a crowded movie theater in Manhattan, Jimmy Dasaint, Vance Debose, Khan jamall and Grammy award winning music producer Carvin Haggins all set back and  watched as the final credits from the highly anticipated film PIMP (directed by @chriscrokos) faded from the screen. The film stars Keke Palmer , Dmx and is  executive produced by Lee Daniels (Empire) This talented group of men (all from Philly) are the ones responsible for the amazing soundtrack that had industry insiders raving with positive cheers. Ruffsaints Entertainment is the name of their new Philly based music company. They provide all genres of music for major and independent films and Hollywood is taken notice. After doing interviews and photos on the red carpet the team moved quietly through the large crowd of actors, directors and producers where we caught up with them. 

Carvin Haggins, Vance Debose , Khan Jamall , Jimmy Dasaint 

HIPHOPONDECK"The film was amazing  where did yall get all that amazing music from?"

VANCE: "We got it all from our hometown Philadelphia. Philly has been overlooked way too long and Ruffsaints is about to changed that"

JIMMY: "Every song! We reached out to talented artist like Wiz Gamb, Reek Ivan, Jhop, LG and so many others that's doing their thing on the Philly music scene".

HIPHOPONDECK"That first track that started the film off set the mood of the film who was that?"

KHAN: "That was written and produced  by Carvin its called Hood Stars"

HOPHOPONDECK"Wow! That song is a banger! Will there be a soundtrack release to the film?"

CARVIN: Were not sure yet at the moment, hopefully.  But right now we are just working and staying focused on getting our Philly sound out to the world".

HIPHOPONDECK"Where can people reach yall at?"

VANCE: "On the gram. @Vancedebose @jimmydasaint1 @carvinhaggins @khanjamall2 

HIPHOPONDECK"Keep up the good work fellas and keep putting Philly on the map"

JIMMY DASAINT: "That's all we want to do and Ruffsaints wont stop til its done".

Ruffsaints crew with Christin Crockos
Jimmy DaSaint and China Mac
Ruffsaints crew

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