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Ice-T's Final Level Music introduces US flagship artist M Dot Taylor

Hip Hop legend Ice-T’s west coast based label, Final Level Music, run by his partner in Rhyme, Hen Gee Garcia introduces its first U.S. artist out of the gate in the persona of Detroit native M Dot Taylor. The multi-talented rapper, singer, songwriter, brings a smooth and polished vibe in his first joint Smoke That Good with Final Level Super A&R SPIDER connecting Mexican rap hot shot Pinche Mara whose gravelly timber brings just the right vocal partnership with M-Dots polished flair. M Dot's mannerism, work ethic, drive, skills, integrity bolstered during his time in the military, a history shared by Ice-T the label’s driving force which is what impressed the team at Final Level.

M Dot Taylor with mentor Ice-T
Smoke That Good celebrates the finest that cannabis culture has to offer and timed to welcome in the unofficial national holiday of 4/20. More than an ode to the best smoke, this is that mood setter for a personal unlax session or a chill ride down the coast.

Accompanied by a lyric video which debuted on the Mexican Hip Hop superstar Mara's YouTube channel, this 4/20 anthem has garnered over 100k views in under 7 days, a tribute to Mara's massive fanbase. The collab between the Art of Rap Latino camp and Final Level is a meaningful tribute to the worldwide impact of the Hip Hop culture. Mara's leadership by debuting the song internationally, speaks to the reasons why he's hailed as one of those whose vision for Hip Hop will be highlighted by collaborations with the hottest young lions around the world.


About the Song

Smoke That Good is the lead single from M Dot’s upcoming EP entitled “I Am M Dot Taylor.”  The project boasts features from industry lions from across a wide spectrum, such as Slim 400, Problem, Glasses Malone, Pinche Mara,  Neto Reyno, Planet Asia, more. The project also features M Dot’s hometown cohorts, Big Hurk, Tone Tone, something that makes this release extra special to the young lion.

Smoke That Good is available on all streaming services

Stay tuned for more from the emerging star M Dot Taylor and Final Level Music. 

The Back Story

BORN  and raised in “Motown” Detroit, MI.

MOTHER died from Aids  on Dec 1st,1999 when he was 12, on World Aids day;

FATHER died on Dec 19th. He went into a fatal coma and passed 11 years and 7 days after M Dot's mom passed at 46 years of age;

BROTHER shot 7 times, 2009 (7 shots to the rectum area, & 1 to the head);

MOVED with his aunt in Detroit where he ran with the Dexter/Linwood crew in Michigan. Known as one of the biggest clicks in the city;

ENLISTED in the Navy for a better way to feed his child;

WRITING LYRICS  After completing his Navy service, M Dot started writing 24/7 & created his own style;

HOLLYWOOD, California is M Dot's present residence where he came to pursue his dream of becoming one of the best in his era…

INSPIRATIONS  Ice T, Dr. Dre, R. Kelly, Diddy, Jay Z

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