Ant Ohso Dank - Save Me / Skrilla | @LookAntOhSoDank

Massachusetts up and coming artist Ant Ohso Dank delivers not one but two songs in his latest video, "Save Me / Skrilla", directed by Javi Lenz Films. The video opens up behind the recording booth microphone and quickly clips to the uniquely bearded rapper swishing some Hennessy and pouring on a melody all his own. He unloads his soul over the Meek Mill instrumental with a powerful tone saying "hey, somebody save me / had no lights up in the crib, was going crazy / I had no food up in my fridge / I need another way to live / I can't not go one more day I might go crazy". He adds in some backing vocals that send chills down your spine instantly.

The video leads up to Dank exiting the location via stairwell and leads to the latter part of the video, "Skrilla". This specific scene is also symbolic of Ant closing the door on those past times and entering into the success driven artist he's introducing to the world. He does the Kodak Black track justice with slick metaphors and a boss-driven mindset. This is the street side of the East Coast artist, where as "Save Me" is more so his commercial character. Check out the official video here and keep updated on new releases such as the upcoming video for “Codeine Dreamin" and his debut album, Out The Hallway".

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