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GIRIBOY "K Pop" Playlist By 사마라 | @GIRIBOY91

GIRIBOY K Pop Playlist By 사마라 /


By 사마라 

 this song was my second song I heard by him and shows his true talent. giriboy is pretty underrated but his rapping is astounding. this song was so good I just had to buy it online. the beat isnt too loud nor soft like some of Jay Park or Sik-K songs. its right in the middle and is perfect for anyone who is recently getting into Korean Hip-hop.


 the beat in this song gives off more of an "american" type hiphop sound. if your a fan of Keith Ape this gives off a vibe like him. the lyrics are slick and clear, no mumbling and his rhyming is no joke! im almost 100% sure this song will end up on at least one of your playlist.


this song is honestly really catchy for krap/khiphop, which makes it all the better. Young B + Xitsuh featured in this song and all 3 of them together made a fantastic song. they had flow and the beat was just perfect for the lyrics.

2)Im in Trouble

this song doesnt start off with a loud bass, this one is more... up-beat. seconds into the song is when the song finally produces its bass. loco from AOMG was featured in this song and his rap just made it even better. this song has more of an electric beat too. but I still definitely recommend this song to khiphop or krap listeners.


this song leans to the kpop side just a tiny bit though. the song includes lots of rapping with good flow, and mad clown, Joo young, and NO MERCY made the song even better. the beat is by far amazing, and any khiphop lover would adore this song.

playlist source: 사마라 Samara
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