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Today, 300 Entertainment's MIKExANGEL releases his highly anticipated NOTHiN2SOMETHiN EP.

NOTHiN2SOMETHiN is Mike's first project, which premiered exclusively on yesterday. The EP starts with MikexAngel telling his story of hardship on "NS2" and the beginning of his music career. The project takes a turn, focusing on his fondness for women, but unwillingness to commit. Distracted by his polished voice, one could miss the uneasy lyrics of "Anxious" with Mike singing, "I'm taking ownership // cuz' this thang is dangerous // we don't even know each other or where the condom is."

Throughout NOTHiN2SOMETHiN, Mike wraps harsh hesitancies with velvety vocals and rich production from Lee Major, Sean Momberger, and Wallis Lane. Exploring outside of NOTHiN2SOMETHiN's the unified production, "Counting On It" is reminiscent of L.V. and Trinna Simmons' suspenseful contributions to Coolio's "Gangsta's Paradise." Mike lightens the mood of narcotized-production and lyrics with the uptempo "Set It Off."

Not shying away from any aspect of his life, the Virginia native is at his most vulnerable on NOTHiN2SOMETHiN. NOTHiN2SOMETHiN is available on all platforms today via 300 Entertainment and Trey Songz's Monopoly Enterprises.

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