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Charlee Bravo - "Micheal Keaton" Video /
Micheal Keaton was created to show just how creative and out of the box Charlee Bravo can be with his craft. Charlee Bravo portray his version of a rapper gone beetlejuice simple as that. The video is very symbolic as he was able to bring his words to life. "Cut the label cut the noose" the phrase stands for more than most know... its not to say every label is bad... but Charlee Bravo was able to sprout high even after his label fallout and you can to. This video was created to show you that any independant artist can make it out by standing out and embracing being the black sheep in a field white sheep. Charlee Bravo wanted to bring his words to life and start a trend of new videos as some of his favorite childhood characters. This time he gave you Beetlejuice. Next time we will see

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