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Tennyson and Mr. Carmack Release "Wednesday" | @Tennysonmusic @mrCarmack

Tennyson and Mr. Carmack Release "Wednesday" /
Photo Credit: Catie Laffoon / Red Bull Sound Select / Content Pool
Teenage sibling duo Tennyson and LA-based producer Mr. Carmack take a nostalgic turn with their latest collaboration, "Wednesday." The song, which serves as the second track of their singles trilogy, premiered on Stereogum. What starts out as an airy and contemplative track quickly grows into a full-fledged instrumental brimming with childlike wonder, as playful synths bust out fantastical melodies that recall the 8-bit soundtracks of old video games.

Like its predecessor "Tuesday," "Wednesday" showcases the drastically different approaches of its unlikely production team. The melodic pop sensibilities of Tennyson find a welcome partner in Mr. Carmack's dark rhythms, which provide an otherwise friendly track with an untapped gravity that neither artist could create on their own. Once again, Tennyson and Mr. Carmack prove their ability to bring out the best in each other, tempering their most dramatic impulses while highlighting the boundless creativity that makes both artists great.

About Tennyson
With a duo like Tennyson, there's more than meets the eye. If we lived in a different time you might've saved up your pennies and caught a glimpse of the traveling Tennyson magic show.

It costs a little more now to get into a club and see their live show, but it feels no less magical.

Luke and Tess have been playing music together since, basically, forever. Growing up in Edmonton, Alberta with a drummer for a father, there wasn't much else to do.

And when you listen to Tennyson or watch them perform, you get it. They speak their own language on stage; while soloing on his keyboard Luke triggers a sound effect with the tip of his nose, Tess's electronic drums shape-shift with each song. It's as mesmerizing to watch as it is to turn around and look at the audience taking it all in.

And this is probably why anyone who hears or sees Tennyson becomes a fan - from Skrillex to M83 to Questlove. Their melodies are infectious and their ideas are unpredictable. Anything can be a source of inspiration for Tennyson and it's fascinating to see what they come up with in every new song or show.

Tennyson has been in the Red Bull Sound Select platform since 2014 (one of the earliest Canadian artists to join) and has since played several RBSS Presents showcases, including 30 Days in LA in 2015 and 2016, and 3 Days in Miami 2016. Tennyson's Luke Pretty was also an RBMA Bass Camp Montreal participant back in 2015.

Tennyson tour dates:
2/14 - Lost Lake Lounge - Denver, CO
2/16 - Kilby Court - Salt Lake City, UT
2/18 - Fortune Sound Club - Vancouver, BC
2/20 - The Vera Project - Seattle, WA
2/21 - Wonder Ballroom - Portland, OR
2/23 - Brick & Mortar - San Francisco, CA
2/24 - Echoplex - Los Angeles, CA

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About Mr. Carmack
"Make music like no one's listening" is the motto of Aaron Carmack, and appropriately so.  His story is a three-part series, divided into factions of past, present, and future. Every element of the past, as Aaron Carmack would explain, has had an effect on who he is today as both a writer/producer and DJ. Being born and raised in San Francisco, attending and dropping out of college in Long Beach, CA, moving to Oahu for three years and living off income from monthly releases on Bandcamp, and finally ending up in Los Angeles - Carmack's music is an expression and perpetual reflection of all of it.

Like a hinge to the doorway between dance music and hip hop, Carmack's musical output increasingly occupies a void frontier between the two genres, identified by his contemporaries, fans, and himself purely as "Carmack." With a devotion to the studio and a grinding work ethic, the inventive producer has a few other projects due out this year as well as special festival dates being announced soon.

Mr. Carmack tour dates:
3/31 - The Republik - Honolulu, HI
4/5 - Walter's - Houston, TX
4/6 - Cambridge Room - Dallas, TX
4/7 - Vulcan - Austin, TX
4/8 - 930 Club - Washington, DC
4/9 - Terminal West - Atlanta, GA
6/17 - Red Rocks - Denver, CO
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source:  Red Bull Sound Select
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