Supa x Jim Jones - "Watching" Video


Supa wants the rap world to pay full attention when it comes to his new video, Watching. The video features new Roc Nation signee, Jim Jones. Filmed in his hometown, Supa, shows how it goes down in Miami, Florida. Lyrically, Supa and Jim Jones over deliver. Here's what Jim Jones says about the track..

"The song is a direct reflection of what growin' up in these mean Miami streets is like. It's theme music to the hood." - Jim Jones


Supa is the fly rap alias, for a young Miami artist also known as Supa Mario previously to his community. The name Supa comes from the fact that he does everything larger than life. Supa is originally from Miami, Liberty City Brown Sub, which is an impoverished town; notorious for being known as one of Miami’s worst ghettos. This town is stricken with: poverty, gun violence, and race riots. Supa comes from what some would describe as the gutter, yet he is a diamond. He describes himself and his previous conditions by stating that he “came from that mud but I rinsed off." His music is laced with motivational messages that one can make it and become successful despite his or her environment.
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