Poetry Meets Reality in C-Blacks New Album Unlimited Dreamer

Northern NJ – New Jersey native C-Black (born Matthew Crecca) has been a wordsmith since the young age of ten, discovering his knack for rap through poetry. Once he added music to his words, magic struck, and it’s been musical serendipity every since. His music is what C-Black calls “ very soulful and thought-provoking,” sending listeners on a lyrical journey by “painting pictures with words to evoke emotion.”

C-Black’s latest project, an album entitled Unlimited Dreamer, will release to the masses on all digital platforms September 6, 2016, and is currently available for pre-order. The album is a labor of love for C-Black who has worked tirelessly on the project for the last year, and he anticipates it being relatable and eye-opening for his listeners.” The theme behind the album begs the question, “Are we dreaming? Or is this reality?” C-Black explains that this concept takes many forms; and that at its core, it questions whether or not the good, bad, colorful, rich parts of life can truly be real. “Are the hardships real? Are the good parts real?” The artist explains, “I really believe in this project, and the message.”
Inevitably, C-Black is a tenacious artist focused solely on spreading his music to likeminded listeners. “I just want to put out good, quality music,” he confesses. The artist is truly a man who loves his craft and is in search of creativity and soul in his career.

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