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Hip Hop On Deck Interviews GarytheGent | @GarytheGent

Nashville, Tennessee artist/producer GaryTheGent presents his new single, “Bad Love”. Gary has two previous full-lengths under his belt; Endless Affluence (Soundcloud) and Endless Regret (Spotify). Gary produces all his own tracks, plays violin and piano, and runs his own imprint, All-In Syndicate. Gary says “Bad Love” was inspired by “a conversation me and my friends were having about previous bad relationships and it made me ask myself, who needs love if it comes from a bad place? From there I just wrote the song retelling some stories from my previous experiences.”

How did you get your stage name?

It's kind of funny how I got my name. When I was younger I always used to like wearing suits to school for no reason. One day my teacher said "Gary, you look like a little gentleman" and my friends in my class started joking around with me and calling me gentleman. Soon enough it shortened up to gent and it stuck with me, so when it was time to choose a stage name it came down to GaryTheGent or SuperDuperRapperDude. I think I made the right decision.

What made you decide to become a musician?

I have always been into music. The first instrument I played was a violin. I always knew I wanted to play an instrument, and at first I was going to play the trumpet since I love jazz. The only reason I started playing the violin in 5th grade, was because I had a choice between band and orchestra after my gym class, and the orchestra room had AC. I loved learning how to play and it opened my eyes and ears to different kinds of music at a young age. I still try to incorporate strings into my production.

What’s the first rap song you ever heard? Describe the moment.

The first rap song I ever hear was "How Do You Want It" by 2Pac. My aunt had just bought a new Mustang and was giving me a ride home one day and she pulled up with All Eyez On Me thumping. When I hopped in, that was the first song playing. It was something about the bass and Pac's flow that just grabbed me. I was instantly hooked. My mom wouldn't let me listen to music with cursing in it at a young age, so I remember being 8 years old trading baseball cards with kids at school so I could sneak and get a copy of that CD. I still have it today.

How did “Bad Love” come together?

I was working on my new album "Broken Gravity" and a few weeks ago a friend of mine came to the studio with relationship problems asking me for advice. I'm not the best person to ask for advice on relationships, so we ended up just talking about our previous experiences dating and it led to me wanting to write "Bad Love". First I came up with the piano riff and then the hook just popped into my head. After that I laid down the drums and made my verses. As I was recording my verses, I had to laugh a bit reliving the third verse.

What are your thoughts on the presidential race?

This maybe the most important presidential race in American history. If the wrong candidate gets into office it can set us all back at least 50 decades. The race has really opened my eyes up. I never would have guessed that so many people, and celebrities, would back a person that spews so much hatred and animosity towards so many groups of people. Could you imagine that guy having the "button"? This country is in a messed up place right now, and the last thing we need is more hatred and division. I'm hurt and I'm angry that I see people getting harassed and murdered in this country just because they look like me. The crazy thing is that most black men hear these stories and we can put ourselves in the place of these victims. We can remember times where we were pulled over, cuffed, and made to sit on a curb while they check our cars just because we were the "wrong pigment" in a good car. That could be anyone of us. The only good thing is that this is finally being covered with a wider scope now and it's opening up discussions. White people I'm friends with are calling me after seeing these stories and are asking me if it's a real thing and if it happens to me. I tell them yeah it’s a real thing! One girl started crying when I told her about some of my own experiences. So with this election, we need someone that can bring peace and unify different groups in this country. Plus, I think it would be dope to see Bill as the first First Gentleman. Just saying.

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