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UK Recording Artist Randy Valentine Completes First US West Coast Tour

UK Recording Artist Randy Valentine Completes 
Successful US West- Coast Tour

 Randy Valentine humbled by the response yet, not surprised

Embarking on his first west coast US tour, UK recording artist, Randy Valentine was optimistic and ready to perform for the masses. Confident in the ground work he and his team set in place, Randy Valentine was ready to begin his 2 week tour, which had him visiting Canada, Seattle, Sebastopol, Humbolt, San Francisco and Oakland. His fans embraced him as he gave them 110% every night. "I wasn't surprised by the crowd response, I believe in what I doand I believe in my team. We've done so well so far in the spreading of the high-brations. Plus many barriers have been broken before now which made it easier for us as creatives to deliver our work" says Randy Valentine. Very big on promoting his brand Randy Valentine and his team have made sure to put in the promotional ground work prior to embarking on this tour, which has resulted in a successful first run. Performing in venues with capacity of 300 people to 15 thousand people, Randy Valentine had the opportunity to get up close and personal with fans as well as showcase his stellar stage show performance, which he is well known for in Europe. His ability to captivate large crowds of 15 thousand and more is something he and his team are proud of.

"Randy's performance, although I was in the crowd with over 15 thousand more patrons, allowed me to feel the connection with him and a musical vibration. Especially when he sung his single 'Carry On' it was mystical" says Mikail Stolkes of Humbolt County, who attended Reggae on the River.

 "From the intimate stages between Canada, Seattle, Oakland, to the massive stage of Reggae on the River, it was love all around. People traveled from all over to share the experience. I even had a few one on one conversations with some kindred spirits who've been listening to my art for years and just wanted to say Thank You. This is why I sing" says Randy Valentine. Performing songs from his recently released mix tape Radio Music, and singles like Break the Chain, Still Pushing, Carry On, Lock Me Up definitely resonated with the audience as he received great response.

Humbled by the success of the tour Randy was overwhelmed by the experience. "Seeing more and more, how much togetherness Reggae music is providing across the map was a blessing. So much to appreciate, so much to learn and unlearn. I'm just grateful for all that's happening" says Randy Valentine. Currently back in Europe Randy Valentine just performed at the 10th anniversary of Keep it Real Jam (festival) in Germany and gears up for Rototom Sunsplash on August 19th, in Spain.

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