Trizzy kicks off summer 2016 with probably one of the best mixtapes in 2016 | @ImtherealTrizzy

An American recording artist, record producer, and artistic songwriter based in Utica, NY,  Trizzy -- he released his first album, Winners Never Quit, in 2016 under Ruby Recordings umbrella. His unique factor is his ability to create his own production. He’s talented in both areas but his specialty is connecting with his audience. He expresses his trails & tribulations to listeners but offers continuous motivation. He honors the past, but refuses to live in it and that is why he continues to push the boundaries of hip hop music forward, creating an exciting new blend that is as emotionally potent as it is commercially appealing.

Recently Trizzy dropped a banger of a mixtape via his Soundcloud  check out the sounds below and be sure to follow Trizzy on all social media!  

Twitter: @ImtherealTrizzy
Facebook: @ImtherealTrizzy
Instagram: @ImtherealTrizzy

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