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DJ Aqueous ft. Waka Flocka - "Kill For Fun" /
DJ Aqueous is a Philadelphia born mix & remix powerhouse with a full arsenal of DJ skills blended with production. His pulsating beats, hypnotic mixes, and all around tantalizing show will leave you drained in a good way. Kill for Fun ft. Waka Flocka Flame is his most recent 'Bassment' Production. Using influences across different genres and metallic vocal effects, the futuristic record is the perfect stage for the hard lyrics and high energy that Waka Flocka consistently delivers.

About DJ Aqueous

DJ Aqueous had Performances at the House of Blues Disney (Orlando), Opening for Basshunters first worldwide Live HD stream, and Tammany Hall (New York) has matriculated Aqueous from advanced DJ status into a unique and memorable Electronic act. He has been regarded as a purist and nicknamed “Hollywood AQ” for his surprise Vampire King cameo at the Official HBO True Blood Series Finale Wrap Party in Hollywood after covering the theme song to the show. Best known for his remix of HBO's True Blood Theme “Bad Things”, DJ AQ has since branched out to multiple platiforms of art including designing his own Vape Juice flavor.

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