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#HipHopOnDeck Interviews Savi Kilo | @therealsavikilo

Kansas City, MissourI rapper SavI Kilo presents “Sarah Conner”, his new single produced by Digital Beatz and featuring fellow LGC (Legit Clik) member AyeJay Freez. Among Savi’s first releases were 2013’s “Mourn” (listen) and 2014’s “X” (listen). “I wanted to make a record that dealt/related with the generation of today,” says Savi. “It’s 100 times easier to lose your girl then to keep her. I took that concept and decided to have fun with it.”

What’s life in Kansas City like?

Life in Kansas City is basically what you make it. If you go looking for trouble you'll find it. If you want to focus on growth and move beyond the hood you can do just that. Just watch who you surround yourself with. Junkies were who stood out the most in my opinion. I remember going to a circus with my mom downtown were you would usually spot a few of them down at and at the red light a women runs up to the car, sticks her head all the way through the window and just starts trying to convince my mom to buy some bootleg demo video games. My mom, being the kind woman she is, decides to give her the money for the games then after receiving the money, the lady dashes straight to the trap which was literally right across from the light we were at. I remember seeing things like this would always remind me of how bad life can get if you let it.

Who are the most influential artists out there and how would you describe the KC sound?
The Kansas City sound is pretty one sided at times when it comes to HipHop/Rap and RnB which is why Kansas City as a whole tends to get overlooked by the mainstream which makes it hard for a lot of the fresh talent out there to get in or at least build a platform to pursue an indie route.  At the end of the day it's all about coming together. The  artist I personally feel are putting work in for the town are Tech N9ne, Krizz Kaliko, the whole Strange Music fam,  Rich the Factor and Byrd. These are the artists which I feel have influenced Kansas City to achieve more as artists, which is always something special.

What inspired you to name your single “Sarah Conner”?
“Sarah Conner” came about during the writing process. After finishing my verse I landed at the hook which is where the title usually comes about. I remembered one of my favorite movies coming up was Terminator 2, and how The Terminator would tell the person of interest to "come with me if you want to live." I wanted that concept for the hook and I gave "live" a whole new meaning. I wanted it to stand for living as in enjoying what I would be able to offer in life other then what her significant other could, and after some shaping Sarah Conner was born.

What’s Legit Clik all about?
LGC (Legit Clik) is an independent music group that specializes in a variety of music from HipHop/Rap to EDM and R&B. Our unit is all about always delivering legit work to our fans and I’m talking about from  videos to performances singles, solo projects, group projects and pretty much any and everything released from the camp.

How would you describe 2015 for you?

2015 has for the most part been a networking year for me. I’ve met a lot of new people in this industry and I’m just ready to keep moving and continue to strive for something more than the last plate. I have a lot planned for this year as well as the next and so on. I just remain happy and work harder each day.

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