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Backed by a classic Curtis Mayfield sample, Memphis recording artist turned social activist Marco Pavé unloads the latest leak from his forthcoming Perception EP. "Black Tux", produced by frequent collaborator Kenny Wayne, is a soulful banger that captures Marco's both personal and political frustrations. With a declarative hook that states, “please understand the basics/this black tux costs cheaper at Macy’s/put us in the basement deeper than Anne Frank/seek to keep us down but this crown no erasing.”, it's very clear that Pavé isn't limiting his teachings to the classroom.

Marco on the record:

 "I wrote Black Tux shortly after the murder of Mike Brown. For me, Black Tux is a metaphor for how America views black bodies and treat black lives. I considered it my offering to the Black Lives Matter movement, and I hope that it can go down in history as one of the great protest songs that are coming out around this time."

 There are a lot of personal things that I put into this song, like being told that I can't be a rapper, being called a fool for losing dead-end jobs. But I pushed back against that and now I'm rapping and using my voice to speak against injustices. Black Tux is a journey through the life of a young black man in America, and in that way I don't see it as a unique story necessarily, but as all of our story."

 America is 239 years old, and there hasn't been a time in our history that black lives have mattered. Slavery ended 150 years ago. The civil rights movement reached a peak 50 years ago. Black Tux is an artistic response, a testament to the continued struggle and humanity of blacks in America. "

Following in the footsteps of legendary hip hop artists like Killer Mike and 9th Wonder, Marco has taken hip hop to college campuses nationwide, lecturing at major colleges and universities including UCLA, University of Cincinnati, Rhodes College, and University of Memphis. Marco was also selected for the inaugural Tedx Memphis event. How many hip hop artist you know that are doing Tedx talks?

Well, now you know at least one. Stream "Black Tux" below and be sure to add it to your iTunes collection when it goes on sale September 21st. Perception is on the way!

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