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New Exclusive Interview With Boston Rap Group StupidGenius | @StupidGee

New Exclusive Interview With Boston Rap Group StupidGenius

New Exclusive Interview With Boston Rap Group StupidGenius

1. StupidGenius you guys are a rap group from Boston. How did the group come about and what part do you guys play in the Boston music scene?

Being cousins we used to just do a bunch of stuff together, so when we started making music it was for fun, nothing serious. Over time as we continued to do it we got more and more serious. The name came about a couple years later after we started. 

Rich: As far as the Boston music scene goes, we're still grindin to be well known out here. The music scene out here I feel doesn't have an overall presence like it should, we're tryna help create that.

Chaz: Yeah I feel like sound for Boston is still being created, that's what we're trying to help do.

2. StupidGenius how long have you guys been creating music together and who started spitting bars first?

For about 7 years now we been making music, and we started rapping around the same time.

3. StupidGenius what do each of you guys, bring different to this group?

We're pretty similar, we both bring good production and ideas to the table for our music. The only thing is we're slighly different in a couple ways.

4. StupidGenius how did you guys come up with the name "StupidGenius" and what does the name really mean?

The name StupidGenius came from us being in the studio vibing out trying new things. Some elements on the records came about almost by accident, fooling around. "Stupid, but genius". One day somebody in the studio brought those words up and it stuck with us ever since.

5. StupidGenius you guys just dropped a video for Pull Up" what made you want to shoot a video for that song and what is the concept behind that video?

When we released the song, the recognition we got from it was crazy. It was quick too, so we felt like we had to do the video. As far as the song and video concept go it was pretty self explanatory.

6. StupidGenius what do you feel the record "Pull Up" will bring different to the music industry and how is the song being taking so far?

We feel it's different in the sense that it has a trap sound but what we're talking about is different. Plus we're from the north so it's already gonna be a curveball to some people cause the sound seems southern but it isn't. People compare the song to a bunch of stuff already out, even compare us to artists.

7. StupidGenius what other projects are you guys working on right now?

Right now we're planning on releasing an EP this early winter, another single will be out before the EP is released.

8. StupidGenius what other business ventures do you guys have going on outside of the music industry?

Man, we got such a strong team around us that the sky is the limit. Our video director and producer is way too talented, down the road we'd set him up to do his thing under the StupidGenius name. On top of that, we love creating so naturally clothing and apparel is on the way. We are going to start rolling out some new clothing designs that match the same vibe we are creating with the music so definitely look out for that. Our management is part of our team too, A Boogie and Chris Blaise hold us down on the business side and their ideas are big! We know that once we build our name through music we can take this StupidGenius thing in any direction we want but right now everyone is locked in on the music, the brand and connecting with the people.

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