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Prophet Group Worldwide Launches Hot, New Urban Pop Group REDi

Undeniable energy was brought onto the 2012 SXSW stage at Cielo by 4 interchangeable young guys linked by one name, the emotion of their music and the real stories they bring to life. Together they commanded the audience’s attention and delivered individual personality and charm. The new urban pop group, known as REDi made their first public debut at the music festival and since then has garnered more than 34 thousand twitter followers of fans anxious to see what their next move will be.

 REDi is comprised of four multi-talented artists. The group is centralized around the distinctive music production of producer and songwriter, Redwine. His most recent production include Mario, Tabi Bonney, UK artist Loick Essien along with currently developing new artist V Bozeman. Redwine believes that every artist should cultivate and focus on their original sound that reflect their true artistry. Over the past year, he has been developing music with and for emerging artists and musicians that share the same vision and passion to create groundbreaking music. The energy and musicality Redwine shares with these specific artists brought forth the idea of REDi.

Rob A!, a Grammy nominated songwriter, penning the hits “Forever” by Chris Brown and “Distrurbia” by Rihanna. He is popular for layering soulful vocals on top of rhythmic pop tracks. Rob A! is also sought after for his successful freestyle songwriting approach.

 Singer and songwriter, Robby Blackwell, provide moving storylines, lush melodies and electrifying rhythms to the creation of REDi’s music. Robby’s ability to bring the music to a full experience from studio to stage was evident when he recently performed for Alexander Wang at Fashion’s Night Out in 2011.

Actor and rapper, Aundrus Poole, formerly featured on NBC’s “Friday Night Lights” infuses REDi with charisma, wit and overall fun with his alluring personality. His video for his debut single “Doin The Most” featured on UK’s #1 online magazine yoraps , garnering over 500,000 views in the first week. Aundrus maintains the character of the group while adding organic star quality to REDi. 

Prophet Group Worldwide officially launched the group today with a viral teaser they call "The Red Pill," which they attribute to the Matrix. By taking "The Red Pill," you are entering into the REDi experience. The teaser video awakens their fans to their (REDi) reality - Live Fast, Die Young. 

REDi - The Red Pill


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