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@EMETakeover XV Full Performance at Webster Hall (The Kick, When We're Done, U.F.C.)

The Elite Money Empire (@EMETakeover) Presents to you: XV's (@XtotheV) first NYC-headlining show off the "XV’s L7 Tour" at Webster Hall on 4-19-12. Special guests included Emilio Rojas (@EmilioRojas), The A-Team and Denzil Porter. Watch as XV rocks a huge crowd full of #SQUARIANS for over an hour. He performed songs such as "The Kick", "When We're Done", "U.F.C." and more. He also performed a tribute to Biggie, Tupac, Nate Dogg, Trayvon Martin and more.


part 1



part 2


part 3



Tribute {Tribute to Biggie, Tupac, Nate Dogg, and more}


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