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Someone needs to tell @Eugenia_Cooney showing your vagina to kids isn't cute

Eugenia Cooney is a Youtube personality. She has been plagued with accusations of an eating disorder which I will not comment on as it is no one's business... I was relaxing one night on Twitter as I normally do and  looking for memes to share with my followers and finishing up working on some client work when I got a frantic DM from a follower who usually sends me scandals etc said that Eugenia was flashing children on YouNow and acting like a webcam girl with some fan named Mark.  So I decided to take a look and I even followed Eugenia on Younow because the accusations are extremely powerful and could seriously damage someone's life if they are being falsely accused. Not only did the videos reflect what the twitter user sent me but after popping into one of her live sessions I saw with my own eyes Eugenia does exactly as was described to me in my DM on Twitter.  I was not pleased. I am definitely known for my work on the Brock Turner petition and representing Beth Ferrier who helped abolish the statute of limitation for sexual assault in California and extended them in Colorado.

I didn't know how to react because the issue is Eugenia is still very young and she has already had some pretty big spotlights concerning public opinion so I decided to just set it aside for a week as she has been confronted via her comment section. Last night though a different Twitter user sent me a thread of Eugenia telling a Twitter follower who appeared to be a fake account that it was perfectly fine to do what she was doing because she wasn't trying to do anything bad. She then went on to say that it was fine if the angry follower who told them they were a mother and had kids that the mother would not allow her kids to watch Eugenia. My publicist side cringed and the advocate in me decided I would not be quiet any longer

Younow is a public forum and Eugenia is well aware her fanbase is full of minors as she regularly guest them to chat with her and they reveal their ages which are usually 10-17 and female. Eugenia Cooney is fully aware that she is, in fact, sitting in front of minors while on Younow which is troubling. When you are aware that minors are watching you and you proceed to expose your body something is just not right. 1-2 slip ups make sense you didn't mean to pull up your shorts that high ok even the spreading her legs and supposed forgetting she wasn't covered I can buy but 8-10 times after that is not a mistake it is dangerously close to deviant sexual behavior. Children are watching you and so are grown-ups and she is willingly lifting up legs and positioning herself to expose her crotch. I side with the angry parent on this one. Flashing minors is illegal in California, in fact, flashing anyone in public will land you on a sex offender registry if convicted in a court of law and more disturbing is how long this has been going on. A video of a very angry GUMBY screaming racial slurs and demanding that Eugenia do a vagina slip has been viewed over 100k times on youtube which means tons of people have seen this footage as it has been posted several times on Youtube on different channels

Here is some advice to sweet Eugenia Cooney. Stop. It has taken a year for adults to start confronting you. Just because you say you don't mean to keep doing it doesn't mean it's a true statement and will never excuse it. 

Show your junk to my kid and I would have some very harsh words for her too. I do not blame people for being outraged.  Take that whole act to Myfreecams. No one is buying it. Except for some of her fans who obviously love it for whatever reason.

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